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An Industry Leader in Residential, Commercial & Industrial Drain Cleaning & Inspection Services

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Metro Jet Vac Service came into the industry to help solve the growing issues of dirt buildup and flooding (due to blocked drains and clogged catch basins) commonly seen in multi-level underground parking lots.

We are fully equipped with vac trucks, drain cameras, mechanical snakes, jetters and a mini vac. We service driveways and yard drains, sump pits, outside and underground parking lots and all residential, high-rise, municipal, commercial or industrial properties and warehouses. Our vacuum trucks are custom built locally and are specifically designed to fit into most parking garages. If our truck does not fit, we have a mini-vac trailer that can be towed behind a small vehicle to fit into those very low clearance underground garages.

Please contact us today at 416-741-3999, toll free at 1-844-669-3999, or email us at [email protected] for your free consultation or quotation. Experience the difference with Metro Jet Vac!

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